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be more of you & less of them

i want to help YOU be the best version of yourself!   

being a hairstylist to me, is so much more than just about the hair. it's about the relationships that are made from behind my chair.  i strive to make each of my clients feel their absolute best!  i want each and every one of you to leave my chair feeling like the best version of yourself.

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"Liz is a natural and has the kindest heart. My hair was a lot of work. She spent 6 hours making sure I got the best possible results and giving me a look I’m absolutely in love with. She brought the life back to my hair and left me with a boost of confidence!! I absolutely love Liz and cannot wait until I get to go back for a new look."


"Liz is so good!
I always wanted to be a redhead,

and now I am!
The products she uses have made my hair the healthiest it has ever been.
I highly recommend her.
You will be glad you found her!"



"Liz is by far my stylist hero. She makes my hair look and feel amazing! I am always looking forward to my next appointment, but beyond the person is the business. When I come in I feel at home and welcomed. They are clean and genuinely seem to care about the people who walk in. Everyone in the building is a light. I cannot rave enough about Liz, the facility, or the staff. 11/10 service."


If you are looking for a hair stylist, go ahead and stop reading and just book with Liz IMMEDIATELY. I don’t write a lot of reviews but the experience I had today called for the absolute BEST review. 


First of all the small details within the salon really made it feel like a luxury experience. Massage chairs at the hair washing station, a sink that DID NOT hurt my neck and was actually super comfy (what?!), and a foot stool to rest your legs while having your hair washed! Everyone working there was so super sweet! I really felt like I walked into a high end spa for a haircut.


Second, as someone who does a lot of alternative style haircuts I have never once walked into a salon, showed the stylist a picture, and walked out with exactly what the picture was that I wanted, but Liz literally did exactly that. She matched the picture I showed her PERFECTLY. I absolutely adore my haircut and could have cried ***happy*** tears seeing it finished because I felt THAT good. I could not wait to rush home and take pictures to show off to everyone (who also LOVED it).


Third, Liz is literally the most amazing person. Usually I feel awkward making small talk with hairdressers but I seriously felt like I was talking to a friend I had known for years while she was cutting my hair. She is a freaking VIBE! I love her energy and everything about her. Such a cool and fun person to be around. Literally just a burst of positive energy and happiness and I loved that so much. She also took the time to explain every single step of the styling so I wont have issues styling it the same way on my own and answered every single question i had. 


1000/10 experience will forever go to Liz for every haircut need in the future.”

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